2015 Los Alamos burn plan to contribute to a year of living less dangerously from wildfire

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 19, 2015

To continue to reduce the threat of wildfire and create a healthier forest in Los Alamos County, New Mexico, the Los Alamos Fire Department and the Santa Fe National Forest wildland firefighters are conducting maintenance burns.  How are maintenance burns different than prescribed burns?  In prescribed burns, the purpose is often to kill live standing trees.  Maintenance burns are designed to reduce fuel on the surface such as grass, pine needles, and dead downed wood that is often placed in piles.  Flame height in maintenance burns is often but not always smaller than in prescribed burns.

These winter season burns began in January and are aimed at creating healthier forested areas adjacent to housing areas as described in the County's community wildfire protection plan (CWPP).  Burning was planned to occur during favorable weather conditions (when smoke dissipation is favorable and humidity is high) between January 9th and March 30th 2015.

Learn if your community has developed a CWPP, a plan that can develop courses of action that will insure that your community has a year of living less dangerously from wildfire.  Actions taken around your home such as cleaning gutters, moving wood piles and cleaning up under decks among others can insure that your property is safer in the event of a wildfiire.


This image is from the Los Alamos County website.