Earn a $50 gift card by participating in a research study at the IAFC WUI Conference

Blog Post created by hyltonhaynes Employee on Mar 19, 2015

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has assembled a research team made up of researchers from NFPA, Bentley University, Brandeis University and the U.S. Forest Service to investigate local fire department wildfire preparedness and readiness capabilities. The purpose of the study is to identify the most important elements in a wildfire protection program, including response and community risk reduction actions. In addition, the study will investigate how fire departments overcome barriers and adapt to the wildfire risk given the resources available to them.

WUI 2015
To this end NFPA is looking for local Fire Department Chiefs or senior line Officers who have experienced a major wildfire event within the last few years to participate in the study. NFPA is working closely with the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Wildland Fire Policy Committee to identify Fire Departments for the initial pilot phase of the project which should be completed within the next 3 weeks.

Albert Scott, Fire Data Assistant and active Lieutenant with the Providence, Rhode Island Fire Department, and I will be at the IAFC’s Wildland-Urban Interface Conference in Reno, Nevada (March 24-26) and are looking for volunteers to participate in interviews for the study during the course of the conference. Participation would involve an hour-long recorded interview to help us learn more about local fire department preparedness for wildfires. We’re offering eligible participants a $50 gift card as a way to say “thank you” for your time and support of our project. If you’re not able to join us at the conference, but would like to be included in the interview process, please let us know. We will be conducting phone interviews in the coming months. NFPA will be offering an incentive of $50 for those who participate in an interview at the conference and a choice of one NFPA Fire Protection Standard for folks who schedule an interview after the conference.

Please contact us at ascott@nfpa.org or hhaynes@nfpa.org  if you would like to schedule an interview at the conference or some time thereafter. You can also reach us by visiting booth 209 during the conference. Preliminary results from this study will be available in late summer. We look forward to seeing you in Reno!