Share new whiteboard animation video and generate local PrepDay involvement

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Mar 24, 2015


Take a quick two-minute break from what you're doing and watch NFPA’s new whiteboard animation video - a tool for fire departments, Firewise Communities/USA program participants, forestry agencies and residents. The fast-paced animation combined with the engaging message uniquely illustrates the importance of local projects and highlights the benefits of grassroots efforts.

The video is a unique outreach tool that will encourage development of local Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities on Saturday, May 2.

Share the fun high-energy video with stakeholders, neighbors, friends and community groups and get them motivated to participate in the campaign! 

Post the video on social media and email the link to your networks and generate projects in your community that will create awareness, education and action on May 2.