Part 2: NIST hosts Operation Tomodachi or Operation Friendship

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 25, 2015


At Operation Tomadachi many papers were presented that investigated different aspects of wildfire, including the generation of firebrands, the physics of fire whirls, how embers enter attic vents as well as wildfire prevention solutions including hardening communities to wildland/urban interface (WUI) fire exposures and innovative fire suppression methods such as liquid nitrogen filled ice balls that put out fires.


The video was shared with me by Hiroyuki Torikai about his research at Hirosaki University.

It was exciting to see the new research being developed and observe scientists ask hard questions that will translate into future developments to enable us make better choices in the future as new homes and communities are developed.  There will also be advances made to insure the safety of wildland firefighters as we learn about the physics of what contributes to the formation if dangerous fire whirls as well as the development of new firefighting equipment.  Can you imagine a type of paintball gun that shoots liquid nitrogen filled ice balls into a fire to put it out? 

Daniel Gorham, NFPA Associate Engineer, Hazardous Chemicals/Materials, and Dr. Sara McAllister, Research Mechanical Engineer, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, examine a poster about a research project developed by a group of University of Maryland College Park students that included Dan's Masters thesis work.

Following Firewise principles based on the research of scientists and observations of fire personnel such as those from US Forest Service and others can create more resilient communities in the event of a wildfire.  The NFPA and its Wildland Fire Operations Division are working with many individuals from many agencies, research departments, insurance companies, community members and others to provide learning opportunities and technical assistance enabling the development of Firewise Communities that make a difference!