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This fire season has started early, reflecting earlier predictions made by the National Interagency Fire Center in February.   As predicted there have been multiple fires in the Midwest region of the US including,Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and North Dakota.

  Current active fire map

Who would have thought that fire season would begin here?  In fact, one fire in Oklahoma in Woodward County, according to a Channel 9 Oklahoma news report, has had 35 fire departments from Oklahoma and Kansas work on the fires which as of 8 pm on Monday March 16th had burned 23,000 acres! According to a Weather Network report about this same fire, at least 7 homes and 20 buildings have been destroyed with an estimate of damage from the fire to be at least one million dollars. There are 7 large fires located on the map for the state of Oklahoma on the March 20th map.

According to another report from the Weather Network, there is a large wildfire on the Kansas/Missouri border.  It said, “The fire started Sunday afternoon in Elwood, Kansas then jumped the Missouri River into St. Joseph, according to the The St. Joseph Fire Department.

The fire department says hundreds of acres have been destroyed so far. Luckily, no homes were damaged in the blaze, and no major injuries were reported."

Oklahoma fire
An Oklahoma fire picture shot from the May hill 7 miles north of Mooreland posted by Channel 4 KFOR News in Oklahoma

No matter where we live, it is important that we all are prepared to live a Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire.  We all can make a difference by taking simple steps to reduce risks in the event of a wildfire.

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