US Forest Service looking at new design for fire shelters

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 31, 2015

The US Forest Service spoke about the difficulty in fighting wildfires faced by wildland firefighters in an article on Sunday, March 29th.  According to the article, wildfires are getting more dangerous and more intense due to the increase in homes being built in the wildland/urban interface and changes in climate.

The impetus for increasing the pace of the development of a better shelter for firefighters was the result of the horrible Yarnell Fire where 19 Granite Mountain hotshots perished.

Picture of the boots as left by one of the Granite Mountain Hotshots at the site of the Yarnell Fire tragedy from Prescott Fire Department Wildland Division Chief and former Fire Chief Darrell Willis.

Homeowners can make their communities and homes safer areas for firefighters to make a stand by implementing simple Firewise principles. When homes are built in high wildfire risk areas, these changes can make a difference in the outcome in the event of a wildfire.  New research continues to develop about new things we can change like our choice of mulch next to the home, types of roofing systems, new materials for decks and more.  We can choose to have a Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire by plans made today.