NFPA Journal column reflects on insurance companies and wildfire

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on May 18, 2015

Wildfire cover photo NFPA Journal May15 WildfireWatch columnThe May/June NFPA Journal is out and in its latest WildfireWatch column, I reflect on the ongoing debate surrounding the role insurance companies should play in wildfire loss reduction. 

For some backstory, I’ve listened for years to proposals for what insurance companies should be doing to address residential wildfire risk, but often hear little about what they are doing to create positive change.  NFPA, through its Firewise Communities/USA Program® and National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day to name two examples, is working with forward-thinking insurance companies and highlighting positive local change.

I explain what is being done and explore the focus we should all see insurance through when looking at the common threat of residential fire in the wildland-urban interface.