With help from the California Fire Sprinkler Coalition, Smokey Bear's cabin gets sprinklered

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 27, 2015

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NFSA's Bruce Lecair (left) and Lubrizol's Dave Kokosenski at Smokey's Cabin

Best known for his role in preventing wildfires, Smokey Bear is bringing his message of fire safety closer to home.


Assisting the U.S. Forest Service's beloved mascot with this effort is the California Fire Sprinkler Coalition . A favorite among attendees at the California State Fair in Sacramento (this year's event takes place July 10-26), Camp Smokey is an interactive exhibit showcasing a number of fire-safety principles. Since sprinklers are a requirement in all of California's new, one- and two-family homes and townhomes, the coalition thought fair goers would also enjoy getting up close and personal with these devices. 


Learn how the coalition gave Smokey a lesson in home fire sprinklers by visiting the Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog.


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