Free Webinar Opportunity for Fire Managers

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 29, 2015

North Atlantic

On June 5th 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange is hosting  free webinar about online fire resources for fire managers.  The webinar will focus on tools available on the North Atlantic Fire Exchange website, including an overview of our new website and how to access resources like the latest research, modeling tools, what's happening in fire locally, western fire science applications in the North Atlantic, and more.

The presenters, Dr. Inga La Puma and Dr. Nick Skowronski will talk about a variety of topics including:

  • The brand-new North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange website
  • Smoke modeling tools
  • Weather websites
  • The Section B10 website
  • Highlights from the Northeast Forest Fire Protection Compact website
  • The Northeast Forest and Fire Management, LLC Facebook page
  • The FEIS website
  • Western sites (e.g. with applications in the North Atlantic

Register before June 5th to participate. This webinar will share  variety of tools available to Fire Managers in the North East.

North Atlantic
Scott Stevens Americorps 2014 by Dave Crary on the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange Website