Hourly value of volunteer work rises to $23.07

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jun 1, 2015

Dollar Sign inhouse designYour value to your community just became more valuable. 

Each year, active and prospective Firewise Communities are asked to calculate their annual per capita investment to reflect community education and preparedness work.  The Independent Sector, a trusted industry non-profit, calculates the nationally recognized hourly value of volunteer work. 

This spring, they announced the new hourly rate of $23.07

Firewise uses this national rate for its community investment criteria.  A minimum of $2 per capita may seem like a big goal for a small community.  But, most Firewise neighborhoods have no trouble meeting or exceeding that amount of investment each year

This is how:

Firewise Photo Library Firewise Day image pulled 1June15 FWComDay3In addition to any contracted or purchased investment, the value of resident volunteer work at events and around their own property can help a community achieve their goal. 

12 volunteers x 4 hours of work = 48 hours.

48 hours x the national rate of $23.07 = $1,107.36 of volunteer work.

A community of 550 residents requires just $1,100 investment annually and will make their annual goal on volunteer efforts alone!

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Photo Credit: The Firewise Photo Library