Pre-conference seminars expand wildfire preparedness knowledge

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jun 4, 2015

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Two great educational opportunities are on offer just ahead of NFPA's Backyards & Beyond Wildland Fire Educational Conference. On October 20-21, 2015, learners have the opportunity to choose a seminar on GIS and wildfire planning, or the newly revised NFPA seminar on assessing wildfire risks to structures.

ESRI's Jennifer Schottke and longtime GIS wildfire guru Mike Price of Entrada/San Juan will lead Prepare, Mitigate and Respond with GIS seminar. They'll demonstrate how to develop elements of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) including conducting a community risk assessment and establishing community hazard reduction priorities using a modern geographic information system (GIS). The class will cover the basic workflows needed to begin analyzing the level and location of the most serious wildfire risks in a community. Students will create map products and learn the basic principles of analyzing these data to determine priorities for mitigation, as well as how to publish the results of this analysis online to share with the public and key stakeholders. 

NFPA's newly revised Assessing Wildfire Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone will expose students to the latest scientific findings about how homes ignite and what can be done to minimize exposure to wildfire flames and embers. For students who want further credentials, a Certificate of Educational Achievement is offered as an exam option after the course is complete. Longtime instructor and wildfire safety expert Pat Durland of Stone Creek Fire LLC will lead the seminar along with Jack Cohen, Ph.D., fire research scientist at the USDA Forest Service Fire Lab in Missoula, Montana. 

Check our seminar page as well as our registration area to learn more.