Fires, floods and the future: special assignment coverage in Colorado

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jun 15, 2015

June's reputation as a month for weddings and honeymoons is changing, at least in Colorado, where it is now a reminder of fires, floods and other less benign events. The Colorado Springs Gazette has initiated a special assignment for the month of June on "Fires, Floods and the Future."

Reporter Ryan Maye Handy covers natural disaster and water issues for the paper, and is leading this special assignment. Learn more about the goals and scope of this coverage in this short video. GazetteVideo

Some key articles in this coverage so far include:

"Frequency of natural disasters in Pikes Peak Region means new normal for communities"

"Insurance deadline looms for victims of 2013 Black Forest fire"

"Waldo Canyon, Black Forest fire victims see dissimilar outcomes"