Latest home ignition research shows how residents can work together to keep their homes safe from wildfire

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 17, 2015


In support of new research on how homes ignite and how to prevent disasters, NFPA’s Home Ignition Zone workshop (HIZ) is designed to better explain how fire professionals and community residents can work collaboratively in the face of the common threat of fire.

HIZ evolved from initial research done by Research Physical Fire Scientist Jack D. Cohen which showed the risks to a structure from 30 to 300 feet from the home. Since then, researchers have found new ways of stressing the importance of residents working together and understanding how to act in fire-risk situations.

This new research adds value to those communities who take part in the Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program by reinforcing what residents can do to protect their homes and help their neighbors.

Check out the Spring Firewise How-To Newsletter to read the full story on this research and how to protect your home and property from wildfire.