US Forest Service testing new aviation technology to fight wildfire

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jun 17, 2015

A newly designed firefighting jet has completed phase 1 testing by the US Forest Service.  According to the website in a May 2nd article, BE-200 USFS Testing Update:  "Last week, the U.S. Forest Service, International Emergency Services Inc. of Santa Maria CA, and the Beriev Aircraft Company  (which has been building amphibious aircraft for 95 years) teamed up to test the new,  jet powered, firefighting BE 200 – a 3000 gallon Large Air Tanker at the factory in Taganrog, Russia.  Beriev covered actual costs for conducting the long-planned tests.”


In a spirit of collaboration Russian and US technical teams tested the BE-200 equipped with US instrumentation using a scientific method to test the effectiveness of the jet in fire suppression efforts.

Part of the 10-day testing included static flow tests with the 90,000-pound aircraft on a ramp and three days of flight testing.  The aircraft passed preliminary testing and will begin Phase 2 testing using US Forest Service standard retardant over 3,000 data points.

We also can play an important role to protect our properties from wildfire in advance by taking action to maintain our homes and properties in a Firewise manner so that we can have a Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire.