New mapping technology helps Firewise communities better understand their risk and the steps they can take to protect their homes

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 22, 2015

Advances in technology provide benefits to efforts like the Firewise Communities/USA Recognition Program by helping deliver the program’s message and add value to participants.

By expanding its use of GIS (Geographic Information system), the Firewise program and USAA were able to map the boundaries of specific Firewise Communities to provide insurance benefits to policyholders in those locations.

GIS maps offer a valuable asset to Firewise Communities for better understanding their risk through analysis of mitigation work, review of a fire’s potential and identification of possible evacuation routes. Boundary mapping expands the information provided by regular GPS technology by illustrating the footprint of the entire community and what potential risks that community may face.

The goal is to complete mapping for every recognized Firewise community.

To read more on what GIS technology has offered, check out the Spring Firewise How-To Newsletter.