Learning from past Firewise Days to protect the future

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jul 1, 2015

Firewise How To newsletterAn article in the spring Firewise “How-To” newsletter highlights the wonderful efforts that 1,141 active communities accomplished in 2014, as they reported $33 million in recorded community preparedness activities.

The Firewise Program has been contacting selected communities to learn more about individual successes and will be compiling these examples of Firewise Day activities into educational materials.  NFPA staffer, Faith Berry, has made a lot of this outreach and shared with me what volunteer activity means to local communities. 

Faith explained that, “It has truly been an honor to chat with these dedicated volunteers.  Many of these communities have accomplished great things with little but their own personal investment of time, work Firewise Photo Library Firewise Day image pulled 1July15 FWComDay9and money.  Many have seen changes in the dynamics of their community as well as changes in their risks by taking action based upon sound Firewise principles.  They shared their successes as well as areas that they want to work harder on with us and I was engaged by their passion.”

Putting local work into prospective, Faith highlighted a quote received from the Wildcat Firewise Community in Georgia, who shared, “Firewise is the rallying point. We can’t say somebody is going to come and save us.  We have to create defensible space and save ourselves.”

Keep up the valuable work!  Learn more about 2014 activities for inspiration and about how to collect your Firewise Day investment tally

Photo Credit: Firewise Photo Library