If you’ve done the work, renew today!

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jul 2, 2015

One of the great benefits of the Firewise Program is that the yearly renewal process helps communities tell their story about volunteer prevention work and receive recognition for their local success. 

Firewise Photo Library Firewise Day image pulled 2July15 FWComDay6If your community has done the work, join those Firewise Communities from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maryland, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Washington who have already renewed their active status for 2015. 

Many Firewise Communities bring together neighbors in the summer to clean up around homes and learn about Firewise principles. 

I’m so impressed by the Firewise Day descriptions that have been submitted thus far.  Communities have renewed their active status through co-hosted education events with their local fire departments; given Firewise Landscaping presentations at their HOA meetings to educate seasonal residents; hosted “chipper-days” to gather and remove debris; planned themed weeks around community brush clearing; brought in state forestry representatives to explain risk and prescribed burning to residents; Firewise Photo Library Community Workshop Image pulled 2July15 ComWorkshops10and one even attended a neighboring community’s HOA meeting to present Firewise and explain as a mentor why they should apply for recognition. 

Don’t wait till the fall to tell us about your great work.  Many communities list multiple days as a way to catalogue their efforts.  Some started this in February! 

If you’ve done the work, renew today and proudly tell your story.  Make sure to include the event or longer-term effort’s investment amount, event name, number of participants, location, and date or range of dates.  When you explain the work, briefly share what was done and how it benefited the community. 

A great writing example is from the Woodside Park Firewise Community in Pine, Colorado:


Eradication of the   Juniper Bush


On May 2, 2015, in   conjunction with National Wildfire Preparedness Day by the national Firewise   organization, members of the Woodside Park Firewise Committee and other HOA   resident volunteers assisted 4 homeowners with removal of the highly   flammable juniper bush within the defensible zone area of these residents   homes. The juniper was then hauled to the road for chipping. In addition to   the work done at these four homes, nine homeowners removed their own juniper   and the Firewise committee arranged to have it chipped.

Woodside Park


Another is from La Casa Mobile Home Park in North Port, Florida:


Firewise Day


With the involvement   of the Florida Division of Forestry, Sarasota County Fire Department, North   Port Fire Department and the La Casa Firewise Committee an informational   meeting was held for park residents. Topics discussed were controlled burns   and their value. Also discussed was the use of fire resistant plants in   landscaping around houses.

La Casa Mobile Home   Park


We will share other writing examples in the coming months.  Thanks for all you do and make sure to renew!

Photo Credits: The Firewise Photo Library