Looking for a good place to start sharing Firewise with your neighbors?

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 7, 2015

Are you having a hard time starting the conversation with your neighbors about how you can all work together to create a more fire resilient, Firewise neighborhood?  Look no farther, Firewise has some great information available on line and don’t forget the Backyards & Beyond Conference! Talking

The Firewise website has some great educational information available on line.  There are classes that you can take, virtual workshops available on line, you tube videos, materials to download and materials that you can order at no cost on line with no shipping charges. 

There is even a section on the Firewise website called Firewise teaching tools. “Use our Firewise Teaching Tools to learn more about wildfire safety and to share your knowledge with others. The many documents, discussion guides, quizzes, curricula and lesson plans can complement any of your presentations or meetings. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to work together with your neighbors or a wildfire professional who wants to engage a whole community in wildfire mitigation activities, these tools provide you the guidance you need to encourage and empower residents to implement Firewise® practices around their homes and across their neighborhoods.”


Washington Wildfire
Image of an ember storm from the Washington State Wildfires this year from the Washington Times Website 2015

The Backyards & Beyond Conference is the place to go if you want to be in the know. “NFPA’s bi-annual Backyards & Beyond® Wildland Fire Education Conference is a great place for community leaders, researchers, insurance professionals, emergency responders, homeowners and others involved in wildfire safety and preparedness to share their knowledge and best practices on key wildfire issues that they can then take back to their communities and workplace.”  If you would like to bring a neighbor to a premier national event where you are immersed in science based wildfire education this is the place to go this fall.  Bring your family friends and neighbors and stay a little longer to enjoy beautiful Myrtle Beach this summer.