August virtual workshop to explore wildland “Urban Legends”

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jul 9, 2015

Join the Firewise Program at 1:00pm ET on Thursday, August 6, as wildfire and home safety myths and beliefs are put to the test.

FW Urban Legends Workshop PosterWildfire expert Pat Durland will determine truth or hooey to questions we all have, drawing upon his long career as a smokejumper, wildland firefighter, policy maker, insurance consultant, and wildland fire planner and educator.

Can you protect your home with pool water, gels, foam?  Will exterior heat ignite interior curtains?? Do native plants have a lower fire risk???  Is a stucco roof good protection from embers???? 

Recent research and findings have cast doubt upon and dispelled many of our beliefs about how homes are ignited by wildfires.

Do you have a question or theory you’ve heard of and always wanted to “Ask an Expert” about its validity? Submit yours to and they will be put to the test!

Registration is now open