Act now: Take a new quiz to test your wildfire preparedness knowledge

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 20, 2015

Act ButtonAre you wondering how you measure up when it comes to your wildfire preparedness knowledge?  Are you sure that you are making the best decisions about how to work on your home and property so that you protect those you love and probably one of the biggest financial investments of your lifetime? Act now, and take our free, interactive quiz to test your knowledge.  The name of this fun test of your knowledge from our Year of Living Less Dangerously From Wildfire Campaign is Firewise Actions Today Equals Positive Outcomes Tomorrow. Depending on the level of your skills, you will earn a character badge letting you know how your knowledge adds up.  You can find out if you are doing well or if you need to improve your knowledge using available Firewise resources.

If you are a Fire-Dragon Slayer you have great Firewise knowledge! You know how to treat your home and Fire-Dragon Slayer surroundings to resist embers and flames.  Perhaps you have participated in our Home Ignition Zone Training, free online courses and interactive workshops. However, you want to stay a fire-dragon slayer by keeping up with current research found in the latest Firewise offerings.

California DreamingPerhaps you will discover by participating in this fun quiz that you are California dreaming…but not yet achieving.  (Even if your dog likes to surf, you need more Firewise information before you move to the Golden State!)  Check out our Firewise website to gain a better understanding about steps that you can take to make your home and community safer in the event of a wildfire.  You have some knowledge and that is good, but you need to raise the bar on your ability to prepare your home and community before a wildfire event.   There are some great materials available for you to order from our Firewise catalog at no cost to you.

However, you may find out by participating that you should be a permanent permafrost dweller!  You are Iglooprobably much safer living year round in an igloo until you can gain more Firewise training and knowledge to make some good choices about how to prepare your home and surroundings in the event of a wildfire.  There are many learning opportunities available to you from NFPA.  You can improve your wildfire preparedness knowledge.  A link is available after taking the quiz that will tell you what the correct answers should have been.

Get involved with your local Firewise Community.  Learn more, by exploring all the resources available to you on the Firewise website.  Have fun with our new quiz and share it with others.


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