Pre-vacation actions can keep your home safer in a wildfire

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Aug 11, 2015

For months you've tracked the days until your vacation begins; anticipating the departure date has been similar to a child waiting for Santa to arrive. Image1Trip insurance was purchased to cover any costly airline hiccups; sunscreen and bug spray packed to keep you incident-free, every possible proactive step taken to ensure your experience is awesome! With those boxes now checked, can you also say you’ve taken similar precautions in getting your house ready should a wildfire strike when you’re lying in a hammock 1,200 miles away? 

Whether it’s a week-long trip, or the summer at your family’s lakefront cabin, taking time to invest in a few simple tasks will go a long way in making your home more resilient should a wildfire happen in your absence.

Add these easy steps to your vacation to-do list and help keep embers that can ignite homes at bay; then treat yourself to some extra winks during that daily vacation nap:

  • Remove outdoor furniture cushions and the umbrella from your deck, patio or porch and move them inside during the time you’re away
  • Roll up the welcome mats and bring those indoors too
  • Disconnect your grill and fire pit’s propane tanks and move those into your garage or storage shed
  • Bring in the giant flag you proudly display from the deck railing and stash it in the mudroom
  • Roll garbage cans and recycling bins into the closed garage, or move them at least 30’ away from the home’s furthest extending exterior feature
  • Walk around your home and look for flammable materials or items that can be stored away from the exterior of the home during the time you’re on vacation

Those were just a sampling of the small things that can make a significant difference in getting you back into your personal castle when vacation time ends. Little actions can play a big role in keeping your home safer during a wildfire!  Visit to learn more.