Everyone holds a piece of the wildfire safety puzzle

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 27, 2015

During this Year of Living Less Dangerously from Wildfire, we explore what it means to embrace change that creates resiliency.  Embracing change to better prepare for a wildfire event means accepting and acknowledging the risk, understanding what needs to be done to lessen the risk and holding tightly to good principles based on scientific research to make these changes a part of your lifestyle.

Explore how you can embrace change! Learn what piece you Puzzle have to solve the wildfire disaster puzzle, whether you are a fire fighter, insurance agent, community leader/legislator or resident.  Everyone holds a piece.

As we transition from the "Act" phase of this year's campaign, to "Embrace", you'll find great ways to make changes that can help you become safer from wildfire. Review the highlights of what makes a successful Firewise Community. Engage youth in a new community service activity debuting September 1st. Participate in America's PrepareAThon on September 30. Celebrate NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week in October. Attend the upcoming Backyards and Beyond ® Conference.  All of these activities and more are ways you can embrace a safer lifestyle, no matter your age or profession. Take hold of your piece and be a part of the wildfire solution!