7 tips to help keep your home from becoming fuel for a wildfire

Blog Post created by ryansweezey on Aug 28, 2015

In response to blazing wildfires in the West, NFPA has released seven tips for reducing the risk of losing your home to wildfire. The goal of the collection is to dispel the notion that there 7 Firewise Tipsis nothing you can do to increase your home's chance of survival in the event of a wildfire. 

The tips are centered around defense against stray embers, which account for more than half of homes destroyed during wildfires. These strategies include moving flammable materials away from dangerous areas and sealing any entrance points to the home. For example, mulch and branches should be raked and trimmed to a safe distance away from the house, furniture should be brought inside and all vents, doors and windows should be closed to stop embers from entering. Check out the video below to get the full list of tips from Michele Steinberg, NFPA's Wildland Fire Operations Division Manager.

Materials have been provided to the media to include in related future coverage in the hopes that reporters will assist in the public education effort about wildfire preparedness.

While these are certainly not the only things that should be done to fully guard against home loss, the aim is to provide the public with at least a basic knowledge of what they can do to protect their property. For more information about what steps should be taken before, during and after a wildfire, visit NFPA's page on wildfire emergency preparedness.

Please also visit the Firewise website for more wildfire resources.