How Firewise Materials Can Complement Your Fire Prevention Event, Part 1

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Sep 29, 2015

Author(s) Faith Berry, NFPA

A big part of strengthening community involvement in preparedness is education. When you can demonstrate how Firewise practices can help your neighbors to protect their homes and property, they see firsthand what they can do.  Plus, they are motivated to take action.  The Firewise program is a vital source for these kinds of materials — and they are provided free of charge.

In Part 1, Firewise How-To introduces the resources available on its website that can be useful to your community and some of the ways you might put them to use. 

In Part 2, which will be posted this Thursday, How-To will discuss the growing popularity of Firewise materials and how you can access them.

Did you know that the Firewise website offers a variety of resources for promoting Firewise practices within your community, and that you can order these materials at no charge, with no shipping costs?

These resources include informational brochures, booklets, DVDs, stickers and more.

How can your community use these Firewise materials to meet its goals for protecting homes and property in the event of a wildfire?

FW Materials in useFor starters, if you’re planning to host a fire department open house, Community Wildfire Protection Plan meeting, Firewise Day or other wildfire prevention awareness meeting, consider getting some materials to hand out as a complement to your event. 

Providing print materials can help attendees remember the key principles you aim to impart. And when they get home, they can refresh their memories by reviewing critical information. They also can keep it handy to remind them of helpful activities they can do. And they can use the information to create checklists of the actions they can take to make their properties and homes safer.

While brochures and booklets are handy handouts at Firewise Days, fire department open houses, home owners association meetings and neighborhood gatherings, DVDs can reinforce key messaging during educational forums, or when displayed at fairs and other community events.  They also can be given out, so that community members can view them at home with their families or neighbors, offering important reminders backed by memorable visuals.

Firewise materials also have been included in welcome baskets for new home owners,  helping them understand the responsibilities that accompany living in wildland/urban interface(W/UI) communities. These educational pieces are often referenced in press releases and at media events as well, further reminders to community members about the actions they can take to protect their property and neighborhoods.

Check back this Thursday when Firewise How-To will discuss the growing popularity of Firewise materials and how you can access them.

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