Predictive Services wildland fire outlook for October

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 6, 2015

The wildfire predictive index for the month of October highlights a significant wildfire threat in parts of California and Minnesota.  This outlook represent the cumulative forecasts of the ten Geographic Area Predictive Services Units and the National Predictive Services Unit.  According to this forecast, most of the United States will see the fire risk back to normal levels. Month1_outlook

However according to the index, “above normal significant fire potential will continue across central and southern California due to continued drought and dry fuels. Central portions of the state will return to normal by the end of the month.  Northwestern Minnesota will see short term elevated significant fire potential through October.”

No matter what your fire risk is, working together as a Firewise Community to reduce your risk to wildfire damage can protect lives and property.  We all can make a difference in the outcome of a wildfire event by making effective changes.