Farming Accident sparks wildfire in Texas

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 16, 2015

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Picture from the Texas A&M Forest Service Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal Website

An area of Texas that has already experienced devastating wildfires in 2011 is again being threatened by wildfire. A wildfire that has been reported to have destroyed 40 homes, caused the evacuation of hundreds of people from their homes and consumed over 6 square miles in Bastrop,Texas appears to have been started by a farming accident.  A Bastrop County Judge during a new conference reported that the blaze was the result of a “farming operation”.  The Hidden Pines Fire began on Tuesday October 13, 2015 and is only 25 percent contained with a cool front and gusty winds reportedly predicted for this weekend.  This area of Texas was affected by wildfires in 2011 where over hundreds of people lost their homes and 2 people lost their lives.  According to a news report the worst devastation occurred near the ranching community of Smithville where the 1998 Sandra Bullock movie “Hope Floats” was shot.



The Texas A&M Forest Service has called in a DC10 to help them battle the blaze according to a press release from their website.   This large air tanker can drop over 12,000 gallons of fire retardant at a time. According to their website , “Fire suppression resources are spread across Texas battling numerous wildfires fueled by drought and critical fire weather conditions. The DC-10 — as well as the other air and ground resources that we currently have in the state — hopefully will provide much-needed protection for communities and relief for firefighters.” !|src=|alt=TX Firewise|style=margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;|title=TX Firewise|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef01bb0882c938970d img-responsive!


To find the most up-to date information about wildfire activity throughout the state of Texas you can visit the Texas Interagency Coordination Center . According to this site there are 5 other wildfires burning in Texas besides the Hidden Pines Fire.  The Texas A&M Forest Service recognizes their wildfire threat and has helped communities prepare before a wildfire by supporting[ various wildfire prevention programs including NFPA's Firewise |]. 


According to additional information on the Texas A&M Forest Service website regarding TEXWRAP the hazard assessment Portal.   “Wildfire continues to threaten people and property across Texas. Rapid population growth into Wildland Urban Interface areas and an increasing frequency of elevated fire weather conditions represent major concerns moving forward into the future. Heightened awareness of wildfire risk, prevention and mitigation are becoming increasingly important to ensure safety. The Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal provides access to information that describes wildfire risk statewide.”

There will be a session about the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (TEXWRAP) which will describe how the Southern Group of State Foresters Developed the Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal SouthWRAP presented at the Backyards & Beyond Conference® in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.