New 2015 Firewise communities achieve over $2.5 million in local investment

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jan 14, 2016

FWC Recognition sign logoNew Year’s Eve may be for looking ahead but early January always offers the opportunity to reflect back upon the previous year and its accomplishments. 

As the Firewise program accepts the last of the 2015 new community submissions that arrived late in December, it once again highlights the strength of the program and its value to residents in the WUI across the country.

Over 140 communities were recognized by their state forestry agencies and the national program for the work they completed and continue to achieve in wildfire preparedness.

We’ll share more data and success stories about these great communities later in January but current data easily illustrates the diversity and impact these communities bring to wildfire risk preparedness.

The new Firewise communities of 2015 come from 23 different states across every region of the nation.

FWC map Jan16The top 5 states for new community growth in 2015 are Oregon, Colorado, California, Georgia, and Minnesota.

The new communities represent over 110,000 residents playing their role as the resident in wildfire preparedness.

The new communities also achieved over $2.5 million in reported volunteer hour and project related investment around their communities to enhance mitigation, preparedness, and education of residents.

 We applaud their hard work and welcome their recognition as local examples for all to learn from.  Find out more about Firewise and its recognition program.