Plan your pet’s wildfire preparedness this Saturday

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Feb 19, 2016

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Why this Saturday instead of any other day?  Because this Saturday, February 20th, is National Love Your Pet Day!  Seriously, it is.


When wildfire threatens, your cat, dog, horse, bird, or any other beloved critter in your family will need your attention to ensure its safety.  This family safety issue is especially important to the more than 8 million students in grades 6 -12 across the United States that live in a community with wildfire risks.


Take Action Pet PreparednessLuckily, NFPA’s Take Action campaign has the tools and guidance you’ll need for planning and preparing your pets and horses for a wildfire evacuation.


For your pet, Take Action has guidance for you to build each pet their own pet evacuation kit. It doesn’t take a lot of time to build one, and it can usually be done using things you already have at home. A checklist will help you customize an evacuation kit for the pets in your family and ensure they’re ready to go if you need to evacuate during a wildfire.


Take Action Hore PreparednessPreparing horses for a wildfire evacuation requires an extra level of planning, preparedness and practice.


Take Action has guidance on developing an evacuation kit for each horse, and having a plan for them that’s been practiced, increases the potential your horse will be able to leave when you do.


Take Action Pet Safety Preparing for Evacuation videoTake Action also has a great video you can share with family, friends, and even your furry friends.


The video highlights how to prepare your pet, how to make a pet emergency kit, and what to expect with them if you do have to leave quickly.


This Saturday, make sure to love your pet by preparing them for wildfire so your entire family is safe!