Firewise is making a difference in Maine: Cushing Island in Portland 

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Cushing Island slash and wood chips from the Firewise Day submitted by the community.





Another Firewise community that shared about their Firewise Day in Maine was Cushing Island in Portland, Maine.  They are listed on the State of Maine's Firewise Communities . The community completed a chipping day that was complemented by individual home inspections.  




Cushing Island at Portland, ME




 Firewise Day on Cushing Island featured a brush chipping day. Approximately 2.5 tons of brush were chipped roadside. An additional 4 tons were chipped at the quarry, as some homeowners brought their brush to the quarry for disposal. Forest Ranger Kent Nelson also conducted a few Firewise home inspections to demonstrate what homeowners will learn from a home inspection, and the kind of specific recommendations that are made. In August, Portland firefighter and Island Representative Ned Doughty provided fire prevention training to residents who volunteer for the Cushing Island Fire Department.



The Cushing Island community tells us, “we are doing a fire training with Portland Fire Department PFD on June 28th. The focus of this will be to review the fire equipment on the island and effective communication. Members of the community have created a map of the



untitled.pngThe location of the Portland, Maine area from Wikipedia




island highlighting landmarks, fire equipment/hydrants, and homeowners’ contact information.”


Cushing Island is actually part of the city of Portland, Maine which is located in the southeast corner of the state. Whether you live on Cushing Island, the southeast or southwest, embracing Firewise principles together as a community creates a more resilient community in the event of a wildfire.