Complete school community service requirements with risk reduction projects

Blog Post created by cathyprudhomme Employee on Mar 6, 2016

riskreduction.pngAs the school year starts to wind down and edges closer to semester’s end - students, parents and school administrators everywhere, are stepping into that frenzied time zone where they’re scrambling to wrap-up those required community service credit hours.

If your middle and high school students are like my kids at that age, a lot of school projects have been procrastinated until the eleventh hour and now the mad rush is on to find a really good project they can get done.

Trust me parents, I’m all too familiar with those “crisis hours” where our kids have known about something for the entire school year and now they’re shocked to discover it’s magically due in a matter of weeks.

Well, the student in your household, you, and their guidance counselor are all going to thank me for letting you know NFPA's - Wildfire Division has more than thirty wildfire risk reduction and post-fire community service project ideas they can easily implement, while at the same time making where they live a safer place. I’m telling you these are not ordinary “check the box” types of projects, these are the kind you’re going to be really proud of when they're completed.

Get those young procrastinators started right now by sharing this fun Wildfire Community Service Video featuring firefighter Richie Rexach. His empowering message is just the thing to get them motivated and moving!

Don’t forget to share their accomplishments with your family and social networks too. Take pictures or make a short video and post them on Facebook and Instagram and tell the world what your awesome kid achieved. You don’t have to tell anyone that they waited until the last minute to get it done.