NFPA Journal column reflects on climate change and WUI fire threats

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Mar 8, 2016


The March/April NFPA Journal is out and in its latest WildfireWatch Column, I wrestle with the big green monster of climate change. 


Though your head may have been spinning at the end of 2015 with various opinions on global climate agreements and El Nino weather patterns in the news, we must all acknowledge that our built environment and social processes are designed for a type of climate that is now past.


Climate change and structural fire risks collide in the WUI, where homes and entire communities are located in natural landscapes increasingly at risk from warmer, drier, and windier conditions.  I explore what this all means for structural fires and how we can connect with those residents in the WUI on this risk.
In the current edition of NFPA Journal, NFPA’s Director of Government Affairs, Greg Cade, also focused on the ramifications of the 2015 Paris Climate Change conference.


Greg writes in the WashingtonDC column on how climate change must be considered as part of the future development of codes and standards.