Firewise is making a difference in Virginia: Tree Bank at North Mountain, Star Tannery

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 10, 2016

The Firewise Community of Tree Bank at North Mountain is located in Star Tannery, Virginia, an unincorporated community in southwestern Fredrick County. The community highlights the importance of getting Firewise work completed by collaborating with agency partners.  You can learn from their ability to work with each other and outside organizations including the NFPA's Wildland Fire Operations Division and the US Forest Service.


Tree Bank at North Mountain, Star Tannery, VA

Tree Bank at North Mountain participated in Firewise Day by holding a “chipping day”. They cleaned up piles of brush that residents

road.png chipping event in the community of Tree Bank at North Mountain, Star Tannery, Virginia. The photo was submitted by the community.

had collected from the woods immediately surrounding their homes. By removing dead wood from the area, they are reducing fuel loads and wildfire risk. They also held an annual meeting, which  highlighted the importance of clearing debris and brush and keeping it clear, to leave little fuel for forest fires near the homes. The chipping effort was facilitated by a grant from the Forest Service.

Tree Bank notes, “Firewise provided excellent materials which made our discussions effective.”