Firewise is making a difference in Loch Glade Sanctuary at Swanton, Maryland

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 17, 2016

Loch Glade Sanctuary is located in Swanton, Maryland.  This community located in the Northwest Marylandcorner of Maryland has several recreation areas including Deep Creek Lake Park and Jennings-Randolph Lake.  The community noticed added benefits to participation as a nationally recognized Firewise Community.

Loch Glade Sanctuary at Swanton, MD

Loch Glade Sanctuary held a community cleanup day plus community meetings on the Firewise Day. Two meetings were held. First, there was a Firewise meeting with a presentation and discussions, followed by an HOA meeting which also included a Firewise presentation and discussions. Then the community cleanup work began. The residents worked on brush removal and small tree removal to create a firebreak.  Bracken Drive will be widened for better access by emergency vehicles and to create a firebreak.

Loch Glade Sanctuary tells us, “We are a small community with limited resources to help mitigate damage and disaster from forest fires. Consequently, the Firewise program has been invaluable in allowing us to leverage our dedication, community spirit, and labor in making our neighborhood safer and more attractive.”