NFPA Journal shares a global view on community based fire management

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Mar 24, 2016


Fire in the wildland-urban interface is a global issue with residents around the world impacted by common risks. 


In the March/April edition of NFPA Journal, staff writer Jesse Roman interviewed Val Charleton, division director of Public Benefit Organization at Kishugu, based in South Africa, about their focus on “integrated fire management” and work with NFPA.


In the article, and accompanying audio podcast recorded during Val’s visit to NFPA in December 2015, Val and Jesse discuss wildfire causes in South Africa, how Kishugu adopted and adapted NFPA’s Firewise program to meet community needs in South Africa, and their ongoing work in wildland firefighter training.


A quote that stood out to me came as they discussed the future of wildfire response.  Val shares that, “We have to recognize that times are changing. International cooperation is critical going forward.  No one country will be able to deal with the potential for wildland fire that they have.”


Enjoy the full article online in this month’s NFPA Journal.