Wildfire burns nearly 400,000 acres in Kansas and Oklahoma

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Mar 28, 2016

According to weather sources, Kansas has had its share of uncharacteristic weather during the past few years. While some recent reports have stated that Kansas won’t be as affected by climate change as other states, others are more cautious, saying the unusually warm temperatures as of late are making the region more susceptible to wildfires.

This statement was underscored recently with the Anderson Creek Fire that has burned nearly 400,000 acres in Kansas and Oklahoma, making it the largest wildfire in Kansas history. Thankfully, there have been no reports of injuries or fatalities. Two residences and a number of outbuildings were destroyed, however.

Reports coming out this weekend say that thanks to a cold front, including snow, which fell on Easter Sunday, the wildfire, that started in Oklahoma, is likely to be fully contained within days.

With the unusually dry, windy weather across the country, many more states could face the same challenges. Do you live in a high-risk wildfire area? Have local weather reports pointed to an increased wildfire risk in your area? If so, learn 7 simple steps you can take right now around your homes and in your neighborhoods to prepare ahead of a fire. You can find our safety tips sheet on NFPA’s wildfire safety tips page. Download it for free and share it with your family friends. As the spring weather approaches help make a difference in your area. Find out more at