Prospective home buyers in California to learn about Firewise: new partnership discloses good news about community wildfire safety measures

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Mar 31, 2016
A new partnership between the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) andDisclosureSave, LLC will bring wildfire risk management to the forefront of California's real estate community. Starting April 5, DisclosureSave, a leading provider of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports to the real estate industry and a wholly owned subsidiary ofMyriad Development, Inc., will integrate NFPA’s Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program data into its California Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) report.

California's Civil Code Section 1103 requires disclosure of natural hazard risks to prospective home buyers, including wildfire, as well as information on how to mitigate the risk. Including information about whether a particular property is inside or outside of a recognized Firewise community is a valuable service to both real estate professionals and homeowners, helping to spread Firewise awareness and encouraging participation across the state. As the California fire season lengthens year after year, providing a disclosure report that highlights the existence of Firewise communities is indispensable to real estate agents and home buyers looking for neighborhoods that focus on safety. In California, there are currently more than 110 active Firewise communities.

DisclosureSave and NFPA will be working to spread the word about the rare "good news" in a natural hazard disclosure report. California residents interested in finding out more about Firewise can visit www.firewise.org/usa. To learning more about what this disclosure will mean to you in California, see the contact information for DisclosureSave below.