Firewise is making a difference in Coolfont Mountainside Association, West Virginia and Portobago Bay at Royal, Virginia

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 12, 2016

Two Firewise communities have benefited from the resources and information provided to them by the NFPA’s Firewise Communities USA®  Program.  The program materials have enabled them to understand what their risk is as well as what steps they can take to lessen their risk.   untitled.png

The information and resources are available to any community at no cost.  There are free online learning tools some of which offer certificates and materials that you can order for yourself and to share with your neighbors from our catalog.  Read about how these two communities worked together to become Firewise. You can too.

Coolfont Mountainside Association at Berkeley Springs, WV

On Firewise Day, Coolfont Mountainside Association held a meeting with presentations about how to protect homes from wildfire. Presentations were given by Richard Kaufman, the director of the local Firewise program, and John Anderson, of  West Virginia Division of Forestry. Written materials were distributed to residents.

Coolfont Mountainside Association tells us, “Our Firewise events have taught us that the dangers of woodland fires can be avoided or minimized by following the guidelines provided by the Firewise program, and that smoke inhalation presents the greatest hazard of a fire in one’s home. We need to constantly take measures to reduce the risk of a fire, and to be prepared to leave our home if one occurs in it.”

Portobago Bay at Port Royal, VA

Portobago Bay has several heavily wooded areas. They held an annual meeting and discussed the Firewise program on Firewise Day. There were 45 residents at the meeting, and they heard a report about neighborhood participation in Firewise fuel reduction efforts.

Portobago Bay shared with us, “The Firewise program has been a great asset to our community. First, Mrs. Gena Williams did an evaluation regarding fire risk, then she helped to implement our annual fuel reduction programs. This has kept our community safer and cleaner looking.”