A visit from Dave Celino Chief Fire Warden Chief Fire Warden for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 13, 2016

Chief Fire Warden Dave Celino State of MA Department of Conservation and Recreation Bureau of Forest Fire Control came to the NFPA to do a coffee time presentation.  He spoke about what his department is doing to reduce the risk of wildfire in the state using prescribed fire. He also shared about all of the partnerships developing with his organization including the NFPA. 


He shared about how some of their projects using prescribed fire have many useful purposes including creating healthier habitat for a variety of species including terns and butterflies, training for wildland response for firefighters and reducing fuel loads around communities.


Dave also serves as the state liaison for NFPA’s Firewise Community USA ® program in the state of Massachusetts.  He shared about the important contributions that Firewise communities make as partners in creating healthier habitats and more resilient communities through home hardening, landscape maintenance, and other projects.