Firewise makes a difference in Chinquapin Estates in Virginia

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 13, 2016

Chinquapin Estates, a Firewise community in Lyndhurst, Virginia, has developed a unique program to assist their volunteer fire department.   The Virginia Department of Forestry has information on their website about how to install and maintain dry hydrants which are a great asset in rural settings. 

Dry Hydrant use
Using a dry Hydrant from the Virginia Department of Forestry website

You can also find information about how to properly install and maintain dry hydrants in NFPA’s Standard 1142 chapter 8. Read this community’s story about how they worked with their local volunteer fire department.

Chinquapin Estates at Lyndhurst, VA

Chinquapin has initiated an Adopt-a-Hydrant program. There are 19 fire hydrants in the community, and they asked property owners with a hydrant on or near their property to adopt the hydrant and keep tall grass, leaves and snow cleared from the hydrant. This will keep the hydrants visible and accessible at all times.

Chinquapin tells us, “All 19 property owners we asked have agreed to look after their hydrants throughout the year. This will save our local volunteer fire

Faith's Photo
a well maintained hydrant photo by Faith Berry

company valuable time should we have a fire in the community.”