As US National Parks celebrate a 100 year anniversary their website has a page that highlights wildfire stories

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 3, 2016

100_natPark.pngThe US National Parks will celebrate their 100 year anniversary this year on August 25th.  Many people will be traveling to National Parks across the United States this summer to vacation at one of these beautiful natural and historic areas which were preserved for us to enjoy as the result of visionaries such as Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, Steven T Mather, Marjory Stoneman Douglas and more. You may be surprised to see how close a National Park is located to you.

Did you know that they have a page on their website dedicated to fire stories from National Parks? These stories highlight events, wildfire incidents and educational opportunities that have been provided by the National Parks in 2015-2016.

100_roosevelt.pngOne very interesting article, Reducing the risk of train wheel sparks igniting a wildfire within the Grand Canyon National Park, spoke about how the National Park Service completed a project to lessen wildfire risk in the beautiful Grand Canyon from their railroad.  The article stated, "Grand Canyon Railway, in consultation with the National Park Service (NPS), will apply herbicide along their railroad tracks including those within Grand Canyon National Park. The purpose of this application is to inhibit the growth of vegetation adjacent to the railroad tracks, lowering the risk of train wheel sparks igniting a fire."  The benefit of this application is not only reducing wildfire risk but also keeping invasive plant species from spreading throughout the park from hitchhiking seeds that might fall off the train from one location to another.  This is a great success story where wildfire prevention efforts also help properly protect natural resources in our beautiful parks.

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