Evacuations and loss in raging Canadian wildfire

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canadaWildfire1.jpgLike many of you, we’re following the wildland fire in Alberta, Canada that has brought losses to the Canadian town of Fort McMurray and its various neighborhoods. Our thoughts are certainly with those who have been effected, those who have evacuated, and all those in the fire service engaging the wildfire.


The fire, which started over the weekend, has grown to 7,686 hectares (18,992 acres) as of this morning. Over 1,600 structures have been razed.  The wildfire is being driven by high temperatures and strong winds that are expected to continue till a shift calms conditions Thursday and Friday.


As more than 53,000 have been evacuated, the Fort McMurray neighborhood of Beacon Hill has seen initial lost estimates of 80% of homes, with surrounding neighborhoods also seeing damage.

Some resources below will help you follow the wildfire:

The Edmonton Journal is sharing breaking headlines and videos that capture the impacts of these fires.


canadaWildfire2.jpgThe Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has an updating article on the wildfires and the evacuee concerns. There are many videos from Fort McMurray that help explain the situation.


CBC is also running a live blog that shares breaking information from the wildfire and operations activities.


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is sharing wildfire updates, loss information, and the daily media briefings.


NFPA works closely with FireSmart Canada on our shared advocacy around wildfire preparedness and community action. Canadian residents can find beneficial information on their site to learn more about why wildfires occur and community action.


This blog post will be updated as relevant information becomes available.


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