Wildland fire track at NFPA's Conference & Expo to feature engineering, planning approach to designing safer communities

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on May 5, 2016
On Tuesday, June 14, a team from the University of Maryland and NFPA staff will discuss principles for improved design and protection of communities exposed to the threat of wildland fires at NFPA's annual Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.
NFPA's Dan Gorham, a Project Manager with the NFPA Research Foundation, holds an MS in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland, where he studied with Dr. Michael Gollner and others on such issues as wildland fire spread. Gorham is also an incident qualified wildland firefighter. Of this session, he said, "The intended outcome is for participants to learn about design considerations for new construction communities in the wildland-urban interface. Some of the consideration in community scale design go beyond factors of an individual structure, things like water supply and community layout."
Dr. Gollner and University of Maryland graduate students Raquel Hakes and Sara Caton will discuss fire protection engineering principles that can be useful as applied to wildfire safety at a community scale. Through research such as the Fire Protection Research Foundation report, Pathways for Building Fire Spread at the Wildland Urban Interface, Gollner and colleagues have found that there are a variety of codes and standards governing the design of WUI communities, but no design "guide" to lead engineers, community planners and AHJs in how to implement those requirements. Included will be an overview of the WUI problem, wildland fire behavior, pathways to fire spread, existing codes and standards, and water supply design, as well as simulation tools and online references. Attendees will be presented with a cohesive strategy for designing protection measures and a review of the many tools available in the field.
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WHEN: Tue, Jun 14, 2016 - 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
WHERE: Lagoon J, Mandalay Bay Convention Center