Proudly Firewise, Three Rivers in Culver Oregon

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 7, 2016

We heard from Three Rivers in Culver, Oregon a recognized Firewise Community since 2012, about steps that they have taken to give their homes and communities a fighting chance in the event of a wildfire.  They refer to themselves as, “Proudly Firewise”.


This community located in the heart of Oregon recognized their risk (they described two fires in close proximity to their community), and have worked together toPenny's crew.jpg

lessen that risk of wildfire by working collaboratively with agency partners including the Lake Chinook Fire and Rescue on some of their mitigation projects.


I was really impressed with a program enacted by this community with support from their fire department to engage youth in learning and being included as part of the solution to their wildfire risk reduction. The project was partially grant funded with money obtained and managed by the local fire department with the remainder of the costs being provided by the community.  It taught 16-24-year-olds job skills training, education, and leadership by providing them with a hands-on work opportunity to assist with two fuels reduction projects at the beach and in the Little Canyon area.  Debris piles created by this work project were later burned by the local fire department.  This project was such a success for the community as a whole, that an article was published about it by the Oregon Fire Marshal’s Office in the 2016 Gated Wye Newsletter.  We have heard stories about a variety of success stories from across the nation, each community developing and implementing their own path towards resilience by following simple Firewise principles.  What is your story?                                                                                     Photo of youth in Three Rivers Firewise Community working on a project with a little help from their pets.