Will the worst wildfire disaster in the U.S. happen in New Jersey?

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on May 11, 2016

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Although wildfires out west have dominated the news, the single most destructive fire in U.S. history could occur in the Northeast, according to an article in the April issue of Rolling Stone. To be more specific, the Pinelands, a 1.1 million-acre plot of land in southern New Jersey that covers seven counties and is home to around 500,000 people, is the area that causes the most concern for firefighters. The area has already seen small fires but thankfully have not caused significant widespread damage. Stephen Pyne, a fire ecology professor at Arizona State University, agrees. "Sooner or later, southern New Jersey will know the fire equivalent of Hurricane Sandy," he says, "The cost could be in the billions. The loss of life could be unthinkable."


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