Free Webinar, “Fauna and Fire at Montague Plains” hosted by the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange Thursday, May 19th

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 13, 2016

Article.jpgMark your calendar for this free webinar hosted by the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange from 12:00-1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.   Have you ever questioned how fuel reduction projects and prescribed fire could affect wildlife where you live?  Dave King and Joan Milam, UMass research wildlife biologists will be speaking about the impacts of these projects and the resulting habitat restoration for bees, songbirds, whippoorwills, hognose snakes, butterflies and moths at Montague Plains in Massachusetts. The webinar is free to all participants.


The link that they provided to the project showed how a combination of treatments are used: thinning, burning andnew_davco.jpg mowing on the land in this unique ecosystem in Massachusetts. The write up speaks about how small units were managed throughout the year to lessen the impact to wildlife.  While reviewing the materials about this seminar, I was thinking about a new term that I had heard at the New Mexico Summit called , “buy one get one free”, which refers to how managing landscapes appropriately for fire can have multiple benefits.


The pictures were from the paper about managing fuels in the Northern Pine Barren.  The photo of the Davco mower to the right was taken by Brian Kurtz and the photo above of the prescribed fire of material that had been mowed by the Davco mower was taken by Michael Batcher.