Sparky and Smokey Bear collaborate on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 16, 2016

Sparky and Smokey.jpgTwo of the most famous fire animals on the face of the Earth, Sparky the Fire Dog and Smokey Bear, collaborated on NFPA’s Wildfire Community Preparedness Day.  Smokey and Sparky even took a look at the wildfire risk of a park building at the Blue Hills Reservation next door to the Quincy office address.  Smokey who has been around since 1944, shared a birthday cake with Sparky to celebrate Sparky’s 65th birthday!


The staff from the NFPA office in Quincy completed a clean-up day on May 6th!  We all started on simple tasks to make the park building and our office safer in the event of a wildfire. We all worked on things that do not cost a lot of money like trimming bushes, raking leaves and cleaning up “human treasures” i.e. trash.  Smokey’s friendsIMG_0802 (003).JPG from the Massachusetts Department of Parks and Recreation, including the Chief Fire Warden Dave Celino, shared their expertise with the Quincy office.   We all enjoyed each other’s company as we cleaned up the campus and left with the satisfaction of knowing that we helped make the campus landscape safer for those of us who work here.