How far can a bear roam before reaching a house?

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on May 17, 2016

20160516__DP_NGPS_TypeSetExport20160517_A1_A1-cd16landlossp-p1.jpgAn article in today’s Denver Post highlights the “21 century” development boom in Colorado that has converted approximately 525 square miles of once wildland unto urban expansion, commerce, and energy production. 


The article discusses a forthcoming national land use study that explores this development. 


It also discusses the issue of increasing landscape fragmentation, wild-life movement corridors and range, and human impacts on its resiliency. 


Check out the article.


Photo Credit: Denver Post File, viewed 17 May 16, Hundreds of miles of Colorado wilderness lost to 21st-century development boom - The Denver Post.