Firewise is making a difference in Lake Yonah at Toccoa, Georgia and Jeckyll Island in Georgia

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 26, 2016

Some Firewise Communities,  like Lake Yonah, Georgia the Firewise Day is more than just a day!  The communities host community-wide work projects over periods of Firewise Logo New One only use this!.jpgweeks or months.  This process enables residents of the community to participate when it is convenient for them and increases the participation rate.  Other communities like Jeckyll Island, Georgia host educational events throughout the year to reach more residents.  The success stories from these two outstanding Firewise Communities shared below can help you learn how you can have fun creating a successful Firewise Community.


Lake Yonah at Toccoa, Georgia

Firewise Day is a two-week event at Lake Yonah. It takes place in the fall each year. In 2014, The Homeowners Association set out a community dumpster at the boat house. The residents helped each other clean the yards and place debris in the dumpster. The Association mailed Firewise and fire prevention literature to all the homeowners when they sent out a notice for the community cleanup project. Lake Yonah is a small community of 35 families, but they have a 50% participation rate. They were awarded a wildfire mitigation grant from Georgia Forestry Commission to install a fire hydrant in the community.


Lake Yonah says, “Firewise works really well for us. We are summer residents and we have a two-week Firewise program. We have bad roads, but with Firewise we were able to map the area and the homes, and make it available to safety personnel. We appreciate the program!”


Jeckyll Island, Georgia

Jeckyll Island is a resort area and holds Firewise talks several times a year to reach different people. In 2014, talks were held in February, March, June, July, August, and September.  Firewise Day was coordinated with a 3-day festival, and educational presentations for Firewise were presented. The talks reviewed mitigation strategies and what to do in the event of a wildfire. One presentation was on fire safety during while using fireworks.


Jeckyll Island tells us, “The Fire Chief works well with us, and we have a lot of festivals. The residents are all for Firewise. It makes Firewise interesting and fun! Firewise should be fun!”