Firewise is making a difference in Trahlyta Estates at Dahlonega, Georgia and Spring Cove at Blairsville, Georgia

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jun 21, 2016

Many times it is the simple tasks accomplished by a community working together that can make a difference.  It does not cost a lot of money to make Firewise improvements to your home and property that can make a difference, and give your property a fighting chance against wildfire loss.  So let’s learn how we can roll up our sleeves and follow the lead of these two hardworking communities and reduce our risk of loss during a wildfire.


Trahlyta Estates at Dahlonega, Georgia

On Firewise Day the residents of Trahlyta Estates held a community cleanup workday. They cleared roads and right of ways of fuels, such as leaves, sticks, and logs. They reduced fuels around houses, and they cleaned off roofs and gutters to keep them debris free.

Trahlyta Estates says, “Our whole community pitches in. Firewise helps to create a sense of community.”


Spring Cove at Blairsville, Georgia

On Firewise Day, Spring Cove conducted a controlled burn to reduce fuels around the community. The community also sponsors a “chipper day” every year to assist the homeowners in reducing fuels around their homes.

Spring Cove tells us, “Firewise Day is a lot of work, but it is worth it.”