Firewise makes a difference in Turtle Cove at Monticello, Georgia

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jun 27, 2016

Many Firewise communities realize the value of reaching out to children and youth to raise their awareness of wildfire hazards and share with them how they can be a part of the solution.  Some communities have engaged children with fire station open houses, games, contests and more.  Read about how this community developed a simple tool that helped children and their parents recognize their risk and learn what they could do together to reduce their risks during a wildfire event.


Turtle Cove at Monticello, Georgia


Turtle Cove received a GFC Firewise Mitigation Grant and used that money to conduct some community clean-up days during 2014.  They also do assessments of properties, and make recommendations for reducing wildfire risk. Younger people help the elderly to created defensible space around their homes. Turtle Cove believes that raising awareness of fire danger and the steps toward wildfire mitigation are very important. They focus on creating awareness among both adults and children. They give coloring books to children to educate them on wildfire. The coloring books ask kids to think about what they need to do in case of a fire; and who they need to go to. The coloring books raise awareness for both the children and their parents.


Turtle Cove says, “Firewise days are helpful, first of all for awareness, and secondly for the clean-up. We make coloring books so helpful children will do this with their parents. Our mitigation grant was used for awareness; that is the key. We do a lot of education for a varied group of people. Awareness and education is just as important as the hard things that we do.”